T2Onatrio - Nearby APRS Activity

Below is a live feed showing APRS activity centered around T2Ontario and the VE3YAP APRS Digipeater.
Clicking any station on the map will display their details in the status box below the map. Questions and
comments can be sent to the Sysop, Phil A. McBride, VA3QR/VA3KPJ.

To connect to T2Ontario, simply connect your APRS client to ontario.aprs2.net:14580. More information on the server can
be found here and a detailed listing of this server's features can be found here.

More information on the APRS2 Network can be found at http://www.aprs2.net/.

Sorry, your browser doesn't do Java.

CTRL-click (mouse) centers map on clicked location
ALT-click (mouse)
zooms in on clicked location
Arrow keys scrolls map
U or PGUP zooms up (wider view)
D or PGDN zooms down (narrower view)
Left click (mouse) Displays station info located on clicked location on status line
T Centers map on last station clicked on.  Map will remain centered on that station.
C Draw range circles